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Spring Internship 2022

Poland, Małopolskie, KrakówDevelopment

Job description

Looking for an internship that will accelerate your career in software development? Look no further. At Upside we’re searching for bright minds to join our team and gather the first relevant experience in full-cycle software product development.

Timing: 21st February (tentatively: 1st March) - 30th June 2022

Location: Upside’s office in Kraków (Krupnicza 5/6)

Salary: 4500 PLN gross (equivalent to 4100 PLN net if you are an actively enrolled student)

Engagement: 24-40h/week (⅗- Full Time)


Upside is a software development company that designs and develops products and services for companies around the world. For the last years we have been working alongside startups helping them to build reliable technology, as well as with giants helping them in bringing fresh ideas onto the stage. The majority of our Clients come from retail, e-commerce and fin-tech and we’re also very active in the Open Source community.

#TeamUpside is currently 15 people strong (Fullstack/Backend/Frontend Software Developers, QAs, UX/UI Designers) and we’re looking for new teammates to join us!

Job requirements


Spring internship is the perfect opportunity both for students of Computer Science and related fields as well as and technology enthusiasts, wanting to gather the first relevant commercial experience in the field. If you are a curious human being with an innovative approach to solving problems and, what we like to call, engineering mindset - we’re probably a good match. You don’t need to have any commercial experience but it would be great if you have the drive to learn and the passion for technology. What we value in our future teammates is curiosity, innovative approach and the ability to play in the team

To help you better asses you own skills, we outlined the basic requirements:

  • Ability to learn quickly and the eagerness to develop new skills

  • Knowledge of at least one programming language

  • Good command of written and spoken English

  • Basic knowledge of how web applications work

  • Basic knowledge of algorithms and data structures

  • Familiarity with version control systems

  • Familiarity with relational databases

An added bonus is a knowledge of the leading technologies in Upside - Ruby, Rails, Python, Django, Vue.js, JavaScript.


During the internships, you will have a chance to join your new, experienced colleagues in developing real-life projects. You’ll get the chance to experience full cycle product-development while contributing your bit. From day one at Upside, you’ll be working on tangible challenges to solve with your team.

You will be given regular Code Reviews and performance feedback helping you to become a better software developer, technology consultant and teammate. We’ll also help you to develop your communication skills as well as show you how to become better in direct work with Clients.

The internship is designed to last 4 months, until the end of Summer Semester at the Universities/the start of vacation season (30th June 2022). Up until today, all of the interns who joined Upside prior, decided to stay in the company for longer - and that’s what we are also offering you. After the Internship is done you will be more than welcome to stay in Upside!


1. Application

While applying for the Internship we will ask you for your details along with a few questions around your prior experience (that of course doesn’t have to be commercial). We’ll also ask you about your motivation and expectation towards the internships to make sure we can meet them. If you have your CV ready - that’s great, you can attach it. If not, we will simply ask you for relevant details in the form.

2. Programming tasks

After reviewing your application, you will receive simple programming tasks to solve. What you can expect are some basic algorithmic tasks and database questions. You have two weeks to complete the tasks but the sooner you do them, the better. For scheduling purposes - solving the tasks we prepared shouldn’t take you more than one hour.

3. Invitation for a short video conference

This is the first time you’ll get a chance to meet us in person! And this is usually quite an exciting moment. Our Recruiter, Ewa will chat with you about your motivation and expectations. She will also answer any questions you might have about the company and recruitment process.

The conversation, as well as the entire recruitment process, will be held in English and will last around 15-20 minutes)

4. Invitation for a video chat with Technical Team

During your second face-to-face meeting with Upside, you’ll have an opportunity to meet our Tech Team. Throughout the 60-min meeting you will be asked some simple questions and have an ability to discuss your general approach to solving technology tasks. And once again - this is a chance for you to ask our Team your own questions.

5. Invitation for a longer video or in-person chat with Technical Team

This time you’ll have a chance to choose if you’d prefer to meet once again online or if you’d be willing to meet face-to-face in the office. During the meeting that will last around 1-1,5-hours we’ll encourage you in more in depth discussions about technology.

6. Invitation for a final call with our co-CEOs

During the last interview you’ll have a chance to meet one of our co-CEOs, Kasia or Rafal. They will connect with you to simply get to know you better. Also, you’ll get a chance to ask them any questions you might still have about Upside.

7. Decision

No later than 2 days after your final interview you will receive a final decision, hopefully with an invitation to join Upside.



  • Macbook and additional hardware of your choice

  • Multisport card

  • 7 additional paid days off during the course of the Internship

  • Learning budget of 1000 PLN during the course of the Internship for you to invest in courses, books, workshops, training or conferences.

  • Healthy (and not) snacks with a great selection of coffee in the office


  • Mentoring: a strong culture of guidance, sharing knowledge, and providing support across the entire company.

  • Public Speaking Support: separate budget for taking an active part in conferences as well as public speaking mentoring.

  • Access to cutting-edge technology: the ability to play around with the latest pieces of technology, like Oculus Quest 2.


Assuming you are able to join Spring Internships for Full-Time engagement, your salary will be 4500 PLN gross (which is the equivalent to 4100 PLN net if you are an actively enrolled student). For Part-Time engagements, the salary is proportional.

* If you have more experience and looking for a higher salary, please visit an opening for Junior Software Developer


If you have any questions contact us at


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