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Fall Internship 2023

Looking for an internship that will accelerate your career in software development? Look no further. At Upside we’re searching for bright minds to join our team and gather the first relevant experience in full-cycle software product development.

Are we for you?

The Fall Internship is the excellent opportunity for both Computer Science and related students, as well as technology enthusiasts, to gather relevant commercial experience and learn from an experienced team.

If you are a curious human being with an innovative approach to finding solutions and, what we like to call, engineering mindset - we’re probably a good match.

We don’t expect any commercial experience. Nevertheless, it would be great if you have the drive to learn and the passion for technology.

Meet Weronika!

I learned a lot of things during my internship. I very quickly got to work hands-on on an open-source project, which allowed me to not only develop my programming skills, but also start thinking about my code as a component of a larger project that other developers will build upon and comprehend.

In my journey, I’ve got a lot of support from amazing people at Upside. Their feedback and time one-on-one explaining complex concepts helped me grow. I was also able to adjust my schedule to work with my university classes, even if it was sometimes unpredictable.

Weronika Witek Software Developer

Starting career can be challenging, but not with us

At Upside, we're waiting for talented individuals with a passion for technology. Your unique blend of talents, skills, and motivation are all you need to get started on your career path with us. We're looking for bright minds and technology enthusiast.

Ready to embark on an exciting journey?

Meet Bruno!

I started my journey at Upside by participating in the 4-months internship program, spending over 500 hours working on three independent projects (two open-source, and one commercial), learning new technologies, getting more experience in direct communication with the business stakeholder, and, the most crucial - fulfilling my passion for software development.

Meeting influential and fantastic people, receiving feedback constantly, and being close to the full development cycle were the factors that made the internship very beneficial for me, and allowed me to gain experience as quickly as possible.

Bruno Kawka Software Engineer

What is waiting for you?

Real-life projects and open source tools

You'll have the opportunity to engage in real-life projects and open-source tools, gaining firsthand experience with the complete product development cycle.

Experienced Team of technology enthusiasts

You'll be collaborating with an experienced team to tackle practical challenges, receiving regular code reviews and performance feedback to enhance your skills as a software developer and team player.

Development path in multiple areas

In addition to technical growth, we prioritize the development of your communication skills, providing guidance on how to effectively interact with both your team and business stakeholders. By the end of your internship, you'll have honed your abilities in both technical and interpersonal domains, well-prepared to excel in the field of software development.

Mentoring and support at every step

You will get a dedicated person who will help you reach all sources of knowledge from the very beginning. We will not leave you alone! By joining us you can be sure that you will receive support and substantive knowledge.


Applications: 15th Sep - 5th Oct

→ Time to send programming task: 8th Oct

→ First feedback: 10th - 13th Oct*

→ 1st Meeting with Tech Team: 12th Oct - 20th Oct

→ Feedback regarding the meeting: 23th - 25th Oct*

→ 2nd Meeting with Tech Team: 25th - 30th Oct

→ Feedback regarding the meeting: 31st Oct*

→ Conversation with Upside co-founders: 2nd - 3rd Nov

Final decision: 6 Nov*

→ Internship start: 13th Nov

*This is our estimated time, but if we're ready a bit earlier, we won't keep you waiting any longer!